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Canada Health Saving Program (CHSP) represents a large network of healthcare specialists who offer discounted services to our program members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an insurance plan?

No, this is not an insurance plan. Canada Health Saving Program is a preferred providers program. By enrolment, you will receive 25% off of the current provincial fee guide for all of the dentist’s professional fees, and between 20% to 40% discount for you eyeglasses and vision care services. The program also saves on your dispensing fees on your prescription and provides you with up to 35% discount on hearing aid.

There is no pre-existing condition, no exclusion and no claim form. The discount will be applied on spot.

How much does it cost me? Do I need to pay for it?

You don’t need to pay for the membership and it’s absolutely free. The participating medical specialists who are providing their services at lower rate and in return they visit more patients. It is a win-win deal for the patients and the medical professionals.

Is it government program?

The answer is no. A large network of dentists, optometrists, vision care providers, massage therapist, chiropractors, physiotherapist and several other categories of specialties are participating to provide discounted services to people who can benefit from them.

How does the program work?

By simply registering for these benefits, you are entitled to receive 25% discount on your Dental care expenses, and between 20% to 40% discount on Vision care products. In addition to above, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a one-time free benefit planning for yourself and your family. The benefits are available immediately when you receive your membership card.

I have OHIP coverage, why should I apply for your benefits?

As you already know, the government health program does not cover specific areas such a Dental care and Vision care. These are exactly the areas that our program can help you to improve you and your family health condition and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

I already have benefit from my work. Can I combine these benefits with my work benefits or my private insurance?

Yes you can. In this way you reduce if not eliminate any co-payment or deductibles. It can also help to reduce your out of pocket expense in case your work plan does not cover 100% of your health related bills.

How can I find the specialists?

Finding a participating specialist is very easy. You just need to call 1-855-554-1800 or send us an email to: info@chsp.ca

Can I request these benefits for my family / parents?

Yes you can. Upon registration, you can register based on Single or Family status. You can also add your children to your registration file. For the parents and in-laws you can register separately.

Does this benefit cover me and my family in other provinces in Canada?

Yes it does cover you across Canada. You just need to check the networks links or call 1-888-357-5559 to find the specialist you need to meet everywhere in Canada while you travel.

I’m self-employed and have no other benefit but OHIP. How can I benefit from your services?

Actually the program is designed in a way that self-employed individuals and families who have no other benefit could use is effectively.

Can I request these benefits for my employees or my contractors?

You can simply request it for your employees or you sub-contractors by sending your request to info@chsp.ca or calling 1-855-554-1800

What if my specialist is not participating in the network?

You may contact 1-888-357-5559 to recommend a specialist be added to our network; a Customer Service Representative will complete a request form on your behalf. We will make every effort to include your specialist in our network, however all requests are subject to credentialing and geographic review.

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