Making a Difference

With our program, we have helped many people receive advanced healthcare in the Ontario region. See what our members have to say about us!

I’m self-employed and I could not have all the benefits covered. So having this plan is really helpful to me especially when it gets to some of my pharmaceutical needs.

by Diba

I work in construction and it’s sometimes not safe at work. It can be scary to work on heights and to be able to do your work with less stress is really helpful, especially when your optics work fine. This program covered my eyeglasses needs which is really good.

by Maxim

I already have health coverage from my work however, like so many other group packages, there is lots of areas that my plan doesn’t cover or l have reached the limits or huge deductibles.I was referred to CHSP by a friend.Good news!!!! I’ve got gray service from their dental network and saved over $300 on myself and my wife’s dental fee.I really recommend it !!!Thanks CHSP!!

by Alan

I was informed of this program by a friend. As a single mom, it really helped me finish the dental procedure of my daughter and save couple of hundred dollars. It was very easy and discount applied on spot. No paperwork needed!I really recommend it.

by Fatima

I am working in construction and have no benefit. My back hurt at job and I was left with huge physiotherapy costs.Canada health saving program helped me save on my treatment. It was easy to register and easy to get benefits.Thanks

by Adrian

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